Murch DNA Project

Our Link to Each Other is our DNA

One of the most interesting things about the Murch's is that there are almost certainly links between the Murch families spread around the world, even though those links may stretch back several hundred years. Autosomal DNA testing can track a persons entire genome. One simple saliva test could be the way to find out if we, the 82,000 members of the Murch families, are linked to each other. It would certainly tell us if those clans that made their homes in settlements around the South West are one or several families who are the forefathers of the thousands of Murch's around the world.

The DNA Project was intended to try to establish some of those links between us. However, with the current pandemic crisis, all such testing appears to have come to a halt somewhat.  If, however, you have already had your DNA tested, perhaps you would get in touch and let us know some of the information within it, who it linked you to and what mazing discovery you made by taking the test?


There are ten market leader DNA testing companies, of which I list below just seven that may assist with finding your origins, along with a star rating based on popularity and ability to establish greatest links.  In the current climate, it would be well worth checking if these companies have capacity to actually undertake testing at this time.

Let us know if you are testing or have tested your DNA and please share the results with the rest of the Murch family. We can then compare our ancestors, family lines and heritage.  

To sign up just send a quick email to and let us know:

Your name

City you live in

Place you believe your ancestors came from

Date of test

Company used

The general result of the testing - area your ancestors actually came from according to the DNA test

Any specific results or links to people within the Murch family 


In order to take the test, most require only a saliva sample and a fee. Six to eight weeks later, your results should arrive.  Keep well, keep safe and keep in touch.

Loulou X

My Heritage

9.3 billion records, 99 million users, 3.1 billion people in family trees.

  • Free shipping on 2+ kits

  • Best for searching lost relatives

  • Get results in 3-4 weeks

  • Test type: cheek swab

5/5 stars

Living DNA

A detailed 3-in-1 family, motherline & fatherline test.

  • Best for biogeographical ancestry results

  • Results in 4-6 weeks

  • Test type: cheek swab

4/5 stars


2 X more ethnic regions than other DNA kits. 17 billion searchable records.

  • Best for building family trees

  • Results in 6-8 weeks

  • Test type: saliva sample

4/5 stars


Multiple kits designed to provide insight into your health.

  • Results in 2-4 weeks

  • Test type: cheek swab

4/5 stars


Get ancestry plus diet, fitness, & vitamin recommendations.

  • Results in 4-6 weeks

  • Test type: cheek swab

2/5 stars

GPS Origins

Provides pinpoint information about DNA migration routes.

  • Results in 4-6 weeks

  • Test type: cheek swab

3.5/5 star



Build your family tree and connect with lost relatives.

  • Results in 6-8 weeks

  • Test type: saliva sample

4.5/5 stars