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Murch News & Update

Spring 2023

James Murch - Landscape Artist



"Our eyes, unlike a camera, are dynamic and we can focus in and out of as many or as few things as we choose, responding intuitively to the subject with creative impulse and imagination" 


James Murch is an artist based in Cockington Manor, Torquay, South Devon, working predominantly in oils.  He specialises in local scenes and portraiture. In 2020, James, was invited to take part in the Landscape Artist of the Year Competition on Sky. He is currently displaying his work at Cockington Village where he has a studio, please go and see his work if you are visiting and let him know you found his art on the Murch Worldwide website.

James has received local awards and recognition for his paintings and drawings and on several occasions has been shortlisted for entry to the Mall Gallery Exhibition in London with the ROI (Royal Institute of Oil Painters) and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

James has spent many years practicing the classical approach of drawing and painting, using the proportional sizing technique which requires rigorous training in the ability to capture the overall shape or height/width proportion of a subject without pre-measuring.

For studio works, James practices the classical under-painting techniques and colour layering widely used by Baroque painters such as Rubens, Rembrandt and Velasquez. 

In previous years, James would take smaller studies and develop a larger painting from them, in the studio. These days, however, he prefers to work entirely from life and can be seen regularly painting outdoors in the wonderful surroundings of Torbay, Devon.

James's latest works are developed by revisiting the subject of his painting over multiple sessions until the painting is completed, emphasising the need to be in front of the subject.

James appeared on Landscape Artist Of The Year and filmed at Plymouth Hoe. You can view it on Youtube and see more of James' paintings on his website! James is currently showing his wonderful collection at Cockington Court in Torquay.



Check out the new website featuring Walter Tandy Murch alongside a new glossy book featuring his fantastic images.


The Unique Art of Robin Murch


New Visions by Canon Robin Murch 


Canon Robin Murch : Now on Youtube explaining and displaying his art! 

Robin has been exhibiting his art for a number of years,

mostly in church halls or small venues dotted around the South

West. However, in 2019, Robin exhibited at CIC in Taunton, in

one of his larger exhibitions, and the first outside a church venue.

His art is topically based with Theological implications, for

example:- 'What does God have to do with Brexit?'

Twenty of Robins pictures were exhibited in 2019.  If, as I'm hoping

he exhibits again soon, I would urge you to go and view his wonderful

pictures. No doubt Robin is currently working on some images to reflect the current pandemic crisis around the world.

The colour and vibrancy of Robin's canvasses are joy to look at 

despite their, sometimes, serious subject matter. As a man of God,

Robin uses his talent to depict children in crisis, refugees, war, 

suffering and characters who have striven to bring about change. 

His message is simple: view the art and feel empathy for the 

struggles and strife others suffer.

If you want to find out about any further exhibitions or want to talk to Robin, he has kindly allowed me to publish his contact details below.  Tel:- 01392-461395.


Past News Posts

As yet another more Murch medals come up for auction, it seems that the list of conflicts and wars that the Murch clan have taken part in gets more extensive each year.  William Murch Scott is not the only Murch to take part in the African wars and I will shortly add more information to the hero's pages on newly found Murch's. 
William Murch Scott was born in 1874 in Portland, Dorset (mother Sophia Murch, Father William Wilson Scott), and earned his medal at the Siege of Ladysmith, part of the second Boer War in Natal, South Africa.  Also due to be published is the story of the aide to Lawrence of Arabia - another Murch - who inadvertently became part of a much bigger story and demonstrated the sort of humour Murch's are renowned for in the family.  Await new posts shortly.

Military Award Auctioned 27th November

Another piece of Murch history went up for auction on the 27th November 2017, keenly watched by the medal recipient's daughter. The WW2 medals were awarded to Derrick C Murch.

The British Empire Medal (Mily), was awarded to S/Sgt D. C. Murch R.E.M.E. who was attached to the Royal Artillery R.E.M.E

The medal, on a brooch pin, was sold with 27 original documents, his AB64, Soldiers Release Book (Army Book X801 and two original photographs.  His daughter and I read through the documents with much pleasure at the auction house prior the sale.  She had wonderful memories of the items that she hadn't seen for some years.  Sadly she was unable to bid for the family treasures.  Included in the notices and paperwork were newspaper cuttings:


The London Gazette 6th April 1945 wrote 'The King has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the British Empire Medal (Military Division), in recognition of Meritorious Services'.

Derrick Clifford Murch (note the incorrect spelling of his name in places) was born 4th August 1920. His trade on enlistment was Electrician for Walthamstow Borough Council. Called up in 1939 for the R.A.O.C., he wrote to the Army asking to be transferred to the R.E.M.E. His request was granted in December 1940 and he reported for the ‘Duration of the Present Emergency’ at Woolwich Barracks on the 17th May 1941.

After passing an Electrical Trade Test he was re-mustered to the R.E.M.E. and proposed for a Commission.


He served in the ranks until 1946 rising to the rank of WOII employed by R.E.M.E., attached to the Anti-Aircraft Arm of the Royal Artillery, as an Armament Artillery Electrician, finishing the War at Agra, India.

After his award was posted in the London Gazette of the 10th April 1946, he received congratulations from General Sir A.F. Pile Bt., G.C.B., D.S.O., M.C., R.A., Commanding Anti-Aircraft Command, writing:


‘Dear Sgt Murch, I was delighted to see in the London Gazette that you have been awarded the B.E.M. by His Majesty The King. Please accept my heartiest congratulations. Yours sincerely F.A. Pile’

Derrick was discharged on the 3rd September 1946 to class ‘Z’ Reserve being recalled on the 5th September 1951 for a medical, then he reported for training at the Anti-Aircraft Command School of Technical Instruction, Lydd, Kent on the 1st December 1951.

Whoever snapped up the medal may like to know how proud and sad his daughter was to read the notices once more before they went to their new home.  We did take photos though so they are not lost forever.

Gone Under The Hammer - Unique Art Collection

A unique collection of pen and ink and pencil drawings went under the hammer and included works by Mrs Arthur Murch - wife of the wonderful black and white illustrator, Arthur. Mrs Murch exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery frequently and was an accomplished artist.  The auction was on the 14th October 2017 at Tennants Auctions in Yorkshire and was broadcast live on

Estimated at £200-400 it is not known what these little treasures were bought for.  If you are the winning bidder, please let us know. 

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