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If you want to contact the website with any suggestions or pictures, family trees or stories please use the contact form on the contacts page.
Sorry we only have space for a limited number of comments so any older posts are deleted from time to time.  If you wish to repost a question it can help to add an email address for people to reply.
If you post a question please give as much information as possible so that we can easily identify what branch of the Murch family you are from.
Amateur genealogists and researchers reading this may help your search.
Ask a question of the Worldwide Murch community and answers from other Murch's may just help your family search.
Someone reading this may know the answer to a mystery.
You may just discover a picture of someone in your family you have never seen.
If you have the answer to a question posed by a Murch family member, a comment or information, please post in the comments box above. 
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