This is the Murch website for all Murch families around the globe, Murch descendants and those that research any of the Murch lines.  This is a selection of Murch stories, most of them heroic or inspiring. Alongside the historical, is the more modern updates about art, crafts and creativity by modern Murch's. This is not an authority on the origins of all the Murch lines but goes some way to trying to lead you in your research to the starting point in your family history.

I have limited time to dedicate to this site, so, on a personal note, as I am not in the best of health, replies may take some time to filter back to your enquiry. I apologise in advance.
In time, this site will need a new author or it will be closed in January 2023, so, if you have a personal interest in the website and want to contribute or want to retain any information from it, please copy it now before it disappears. 

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This is my great uncle John Murch, killed in France 1918

Welcome to the Murch Worldwide website.


There are about 82,000 Murch's worldwide.  We are a diverse and talented clan who can trace our ancestors back through generations over several hundred years, with a rich and wonderful heritage of heroes, beautiful stars, talented craftsmen, artists, powerful politicians, churchmen and wonderful writers and storytellers.


I set up this website to gather and share  photographs, stories, family trees and news on the all the branches of the family, wherever they are.  Hopefully the search for connections with distant relatives, tracing ancestors and preserving the memory of those who made their mark in some way will be helped along by myself and any genealogy fans searching for Murch's on these pages. 


Research is invaluable  for those tracing their past but time consuming, so hopefully these pages may go some way to encourage and  assist you in your quest for information. 


Whether from Maine, Adelaide, Newfoundland, London, Hawaii or Auckland you will invariably be linked to a Murch clan here in the UK. 

Please use the message board to post a  question about someone  connected to you. Hopefully someone reading it can assist you. 

Don't forget that twitter, LinkedIn and facebook can also reach many Murch's around the world.  There are about 4000 Murch's listed on LinkedIn and Facebook, so plenty of opportunity to find and link up with long lost cousins.

We hope you enjoy reading about the heroes, writers, artists and stars of the Murch family. We would love to hear about remarkable members in your Murch branch. 


Write and tell us your family story. 



William Henry Murch
Murch Blog
Afghanistan Air Lift.jpg
Murch Artists 
The creative Murch's have always been talented and art is one of the mediums in which they excel. Above is Airlift from Kabul by Canon Robin Murch.

Murch artists have begun to truly find their creative voices and some wonderful talents have come to my attention, among them: James Murch, Marilyn Murch, Arthur Murch, Walter Tandy Murch and Canon Robin Murch. They, among the many Murch talents, have each developed a singular style, worthy of bringing to your attention. They display unique talent that never fails to surprise and astound me. A new book on Walter Tandy Murch is available from the products page, please take a look.

James Murch is currently exhibiting in Torquay and you can find more information on his website.  He has taken part in Landscapt Artist of the Year on Sky Arts and is seen painting on Plymouth Hoe painting Drake Island, who many will be familiar with. 
We welcome news, photos and information on products and books, written, made by or even about Murch's that you would like to see promoted on here.  Email details and we will print a picture and a review.
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The picture of above is one of James Murch's paintings. 

All  information on this website is taken from the public domain and where possible credited to the source. If you find there is an error in an article or the information within it is incorrectly credited and wish to change it please contact me privately at the email supplied in contacts. I am happy to make changes requested by descendents and families of the subjects of these biographies.

Are you a Murch?

Son, Daughter, Grandchild of a Murch?  We would love to hear from you. We are looking for stories of Teachers, Academics, Scholars, War Heroes, Sportsmen and Women, Artists and Murch's that have shown remarkable courage, talent or character. Was your grandfather at Gallipoli, Ypres, the beaches on D Day...was your grandmother a nurse on the Somme or a scientist working on a cure for something? Please let us know about the hero or heroine in your family.


We are also looking for news and interesting stories on living Murch's who would like to appear on our new pages. 


Tell us your family's remarkable story.

William Henry Murch & Sarah Murch

On this site you will find the stories of the following remarkable people:

Norman Robins Murch HMS Beagle

Richard Melville Murch - Merrills Marauders WW2

Theodore Edward Murch DSC  - HMS Prince of Wales

Edward  William Lionel Murch - HMS Prince of Wales

John Murch - Trench Raider The Great War

Arthur Murch  - Wood Engraver

Margaret Murch - Actress

Leonard C Murch - Hurricane Pilot

Edward Murch - Died in Japanese POW Camp

Queenie Murch - WRAF Comms Worker

Livingstone Murch - Champion Swimmer

Frank Murch - Salcombe Civil Commander

John Murch - Battle of Ctesiphon 1915

Henry Walter Murch - The Buffs 1917

John Murch - Teacher

Peter Murch - Spitfire Pilot

Emily Murch - Court Dressmaker

Walter Tandy Murch - Artist

Samuel Murch - Faithful Servant

Robert Murch - Revolutionary

Harold Murch - NZ Soldier The Tahiti Affair

Rev. Chauncey Murch - Egyptologist & Missionary

Sir Jerom Murch - Mayor of Bath

Arthur Murch - War Artist WWII

Rev. William Harris Murch - The Boy Preacher

James DeForest Murch - Writer & Churchman

John Murch - Silversmith




Salcombe from the air


My Heritage In Devon


I'm descended from Thomas and Susanna Murch who lived in Marborough in Devon.  Along with many hundreds of others who are spread around the world, I can trace my ancestry further back than that.  My great grandfather was William Henry Murch, who appears on this page with his horses.  His youngest son, Alfred was my grandfather. In the picture of the family group (above) Alfred sits on his fathers lap and Willliam and Sarah are surrounded by some of their 15 surviving children.


This Murch branch was a huge family, so I  know there are many of you out there who also trace your ancestry to William and Sarah or further back to Thomas and Susanna or even further back. If you are, then you are part of a wonderfully diverse family of Murch's, who became actors, engineers, artists, novelists and journalists, servicemen who served in both world and other wars, servants, farmers, fishermen, scientists, film makers, pirates and wreckers, politicians and, I'm sorry to say it, a couple of murderers and numerous petty criminals.  Most link back to the Salcombe area.  There is definitely a link to the early settlers in the USA who followed the Mayflower too. If you are in the USA then you cannot get better research than Dana Paul Murch's research into the first Murch's. You can find links to him on the books page.


Your Murch branch could well link to ours in some way and in order to establish links with each other, I hope you will share your stories, family trees and photographs of your ancestors with us. Hopefully we can document them before all the wonderful stories disappear.


If you are searching for members of your extended family then post a message on the message page.  Someone may have the answer to a lost ancestor.


There was a Murch at Waterloo, another at Trafalgar, and several in both Boer Wars.   Many Murch's fought in the Great War and World War 2.  Some suffered horrible ends but most returned home to tell their stories. I have included as many as I can on the following pages.  If you have a wonderful Murch story to pass on, please get in touch.



Patricia Murch
John Murch