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Murch Medal Going to Auction

Another important Murch medal comes up for auction shortly with Dix Noonan Webb auctioneers of London. The auction takes place on the 9th/10th May and this wonderful medal will interest any Murch's who take an interest in the heroic exploits of the Murch clan. William Murch Scott, born in 1874 in Portland, Dorset (mother Sophia Murch, Father William Wilson Scott), earned the medal at the Siege of Ladysmith, part of the second Boer War in Natal, Southern Africa which took place from October 1899 to February 1900.

The siege in Natal, took place between the Boer forces who were trying to take the colony and British troops from 2nd November 1899 to 27th February 1900 with 5,500 British troops fighting against a varying number of Boers. From the end1899 the garrison outnumbered the besieging Boers. On the 21st October two squadrons of the 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers Regiment were present at Elandslaagte and Scott, a soldier with one of the squadrons, was part of the British Forces defending the town. The Regiment initiated three charges against the Boers on the 21st October 1899, driving them back and cutting them down in swathes as they went during the famous charges. The Boers retreated and by the time darkness began to set in, the regiment had captured two field guns and sent the Boers packing leaving around 350 Boers dead on the battlefields.

The description of the lot with Dix Noonan Webb is as follows:

Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 2 clasps, Elandslaagte, Defence of Ladysmith (4325 Pte. W. M. Scott. 5/Lcrs.) edge bruise, otherwise nearly extremely fine £400-500 Also entitled to Cape Colony and South Africa 1901 clasps.

If any of the Murch family are related to Scott (his mother was a Murch) and are considering bidding, we would love to hear from you.

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